World Paper Free Day is November 9, 2017


This is the one day each year when we band together as a community to reduce the amount of paper in our business processes.

World Paper Free Day is an annual campaign that aims to reduce the amount of paper generated by people in their everyday work and personal life. It was launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

AIIM is a non-profit organization that provides standards. market research, education, and certification for information professionals. It launched World Paper Free Day in order to raise awareness of huge amount of paper used in vain and to promote paperless technologies.

According to research, the average office worker uses about four dozens sheets of paper per day, of which about half is considered waste. Despite all modern technology, a lot of businesses still have traditional-based filing systems which require considerable space, equipment and maintenance. AIIM encourages such businesses to participate in World Paper Free Day to see the benefits of a paperless office.

Going paperless helps businesses save space and money, boost productivity and keep information more secure while also making sharing it easier. Besides, paperless offices help the environment: the less paper we use, the less trees are chopped down to make it.

For more information on World Paper Free Day, visit AIIM’s site.




TrinDocs Sponsors Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group Summit 2017


TrinDocs will showcase its document management and workflow solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP users at the GP User Group (GPUG) Summit 2017 conference. As an exhibitor, TrinDocs will be connecting with the GP community on the expo floor at Booth #344.

Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summit is a premier annual conference for Microsoft Dynamics Customers to gain special access to Microsoft leadership and valuable peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. The conference delivers electric keynotes, forward-thinking product roadmaps, focused learning and effective networking opportunities (October 10-13, 2017 Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN).

About TrinDocs

TrinDocs is a document management and workflow solution that automates the routing, storage and retrieval of documents and transactions for any organization. TrinSoft is the sole owner and creator of TrinDocs. For twenty years, TrinSoft has helped thousands of users establish best practices, automate transactions and optimize their business software and information systems. For more information on TrinDocs, visit

Digital Transformation Demystified

(excerpt from article by Joao Penha-Lopes on


Since a document carries information, it is an asset. The information within documents is sent to specific applications, which manage specific tasks. More importantly, a document’s life cycle must follow both legal and operational rules. When organizations use documents in this context (i.e., digital), they will soon understand the efficiency to be gained, and therefore, there is always a transformation. The bottom line is that all the above, when combined, is merging into what one could call intelligent information management (IIM).

According to a very interesting report by AIIM, DX (digital transformation) is being led by information technology (IT). While IT might handle the bits and pieces to make the solution work, the most important issues are within the “organizational” areas. Even the choice of the software tool should be based on “how the company works” or, even better, “how the company would like to work.” This clearly has nothing to do with IT, though IT has a lot of say on the infrastructure needed to implement whatever tool is chosen.

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Announcing TrinDocs 5.0!

TrinDocs is proud to announce the release of TrinDocs 5.0! We redesigned our user interface to be more user friendly, attractive, and modern and made changes to our core infrastructure to make TrinDocs even more flexible and scalable. Besides the core changes, we also added new features including:

  • Filtered Views of Active Workflow Steps
  • Quicker & Easier “Assign to Users” Functionality
  • Export to Excel
  • Bulk Actions
  • Customized List View Fields
  • And many more!

Check out the following resources to learn more:

TrinDocs What’s New Version 5.0

Introduction to TrinDocs for Viewers

Introduction to TrinDocs for Approvers

TrinDocs 5.0 Manage Filters (video)

TrinDocs 5.0 Inbox, Active Documents, Edit Page (video)

TrinDocs 5.0 Export to Excel, List Views, and Bulk Actions (video)

12 Things You Can Do NOW to Use BPM to Drive Digital Transformation

(excerpt from article by Bob Larrivee)

Process improvement and workflow are not new; in fact they have been around since the late 1980s.  Yes, they have evolved and continue to do so but as was true of ECM, Business Process Management — once seen as a nice to have — is now considered a critical part of business operations.

Process improvement and automation using BPM as the framework is an essential part of the Digital Transformation of businesses. The more paper is eliminated from processes and digitally born information is created, the greater the dependence upon and need for efficient, effective, and secure digital workflows. When assessing process improvement and automation opportunities, include the identification of and ways various information sets are integrated with the process and remember to look at the end-to-end process rather than just the departmental workflow. What gets changed in the department could have negative impact on other departments feeding this process or that this process feeds.

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The Journey to Simpler Information Management Begins with Going Paperless

(excerpt from article by John Mancini)

In pursuit of the paperless enterprise it is often easy to lose our way. Projects stall, months pass and ROI is nowhere on the horizon, and all the while paper continues to rifle through our processes like stubborn weeds. Paper overwhelms the enterprise, and the difficult task to remove it all can cause a crisis of motivation.

Stakeholders ask: “What is the point of driving out paper? What destination is this digital journey leading us to? And is it worth it?” The short answer: yes, and here’s why.

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Is It Time to Adopt a Revolutionary Approach to BPM? – 5 Things to Look For…

(excerpt from article by John Mancini)

Consider these three data points from AIIM’s Process Improvement and Automation 2016 – A Look at BPM.

55% of organizations say BPM is “significant” (38%) or “imperative” (17%) for their business.

33% say they plan to replace their current BPM solution.

35% say it is the line-of-business manager who now evaluates BPM solutions.

This data points to a curious dichotomy among BPM end users.  On the one hand, users see BPM as critical; on the other, there is a fair of dissatisfaction with existing solutions.  My experience has been that if you say the words “Business Process Management,” or even worse, mention the acronym “BPM,” many business executives with long memories will often run for the hills, chased by ghosts of past costly, complex, over-budget and late process management projects.

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